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I was born in the year of our Lord 1972 and while in the year of grace 2001 I obtained a Degree in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, looking for my personal way to give concreteness to my passion for symbolic forms and for the ways in which people express their vision about themselves and the world around them, I achieved the qualification of “Graphic Designer” of the Lazio Region.


Since then, after a Master in Business Communication | Web Projects lasted 18 months at Centro Studi Cogno Associati achieving the qualification of Corporate Communication Technician and Professional Advertising, with nothing better to do, I spent my time as a Communication Designer, Marketing & Communication consultant, Compositor and lecturer for institutions, organizations, companies and those that came.


My degrees and practical knowledge gained at work in extensive areas of communication design developing and implementing on/off-line projects, graphic solutions, advertising, clip, compositing video and carrying out training courses allowed me to work for over 60 private companies, organizations, institutions nationwide and the possibility to give my input to the image of EU events under the Creative Europe Programme.


I currently work as a freelancer but I am always open to new opportunities.


Nice to meet you, I’m Luigi.


.02 Master in business communication at Centro studi Cogno Associati.
Vote 30/30

.01 Degree in Literature at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.
Faculty: Anthropological. Vote 110/110 cum laude

.99 Certificate of “Graphic Designer” of the Lazio Region.
Vote 30/30

.98 Masterclass in Cultural Anthropology.
International Summer School, University of Oslo with Royal Norwegian Embassy Scholarship



HTML, Flash – I.E.D. (European Institute of Design)

3D Graphic Designer – Arcos Graphics

Web Designer – Pantheon Academy

Anatomy & Perspective – International School of Comics



Recognized by TP (Italian Association of Advertising Professionals)



Mother tongue Italian

Other languages English

Reading: Good    Writing: Good    Spoken interaction and production: Good

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