General conditions of Sale


The general online sales conditions provided for in this website are an integral part of the sale contract between the user of the OOPArt Site and its owner and shall apply to all the products sold on this site and to its Customers, be they natural or legal persons.

OOPArt reserves the right to change these conditions at any time.

For the Customer the conditions in force will be valid from the date of the purchase order, which must be considered an integral and substantial part of the contract.

Therefore, before sending the order, the Customer is invited to read carefully the general conditions and the information described here, by printing them or saving them on a durable and accessible support.

The sending of the order by the Customer is considered as acceptance of the sales conditions in force at that time.



The prices stated on this site are to be intended as a finished product. Delivery charges must be added to the price, except for any disapplication of the same cost related to the overcoming of predetermined purchase orders.


Products – Features – Availability

Since this is craftsmanship, all the items on the site are to be considered not in stock and will be supplied when the order will be complete.

The characteristics of the products are indicated on this site and the images of them are reproduced as truthfully and accurately as possible. The colors, as well as the other aesthetic features of the product displayed, may undergo variations due to the user’s monitor, as well as for other reasons not attributable to OOPArt.

In the case of custom order, 48 hours after the order confirmation, the Customer will receive an email with a test sample file in order to validate the characteristics of customization of the item (positions, dimensions and colors of the logo / logos). If the file is unclear, it will be the Customer’s responsibility to ask for clarifications.

The Customer will be able to give his approval on the sample simply by re-sending an email; in the same way he will be able to make any changes. The confirmation of the prototype to be printed is equivalent to the acceptance of the production. Therefore, any change in the characteristics of the personalization will not be accepted after the validation of the test sample.



In the case of customized items on customer request, the intellectual and / or industrial property of the information and all the material sent by the customer for the realization of the customization of the ordered goods remains the exclusive property of the customer.

In the case of a customized order, the Customer guarantees OOPArt that the images used are not copyrighted. In the case of a complaint, for the violation of rights to third parties, the responsibility cannot lie with OOPArt. The Customer is fully responsible and is required to reimburse OOPArt for all expenses incurred in the event of a legal proceeding.

OOPArt shall not be liable under any circumstances for materials sent by third parties for making t-shirts or personalized items, be they text, images or graphic works and assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by the creation, marketing or publication of these custom items.



The e-mail address and any personal data of the customer are kept by OOPArt for the sole purpose of handling orders and in any case and at any time will not be used for different purposes or brought to the attention of third parties.

Images and graphics used by the customer to create their own projects will not be made public or given to third parties, and will be kept in such a way as to allow the user to reorder the same project several times.

Each data processing procedure shall be undertaken in accordance with the laws in force in Italy according to the EU Regulation 2016/679 regarding the protection of personal data and with the compilation of the customer database the buyer expresses his or her consent to the processing and communication of his or her personal data for the purposes indicated above.



At the time of the order, the Customer undertakes to provide the requested information and to confirm its truthfulness.

The Customer must verify that all the information provided at the time of the order (item, address, telephone number, etc.) is correct. If the Customer needs to change some data, he can do so within 24 hours of confirming the order by modifying his or her personal data on this site or by contacting me via the email address or contact form on the site. OOPArt is not responsible for any errors in the confirmation of the order or the consequences in terms of delay or error in delivery. Thus, if the delivery cannot take place due to an oversight on the part of the Customer, there will be a charge for the re-sending against him or her, and the delivery itself will be delayed.

All items on the site are to be considered customised, they will be supplied at the time of order.

In the case of personalized orders, OOPArt  undertakes to do everything possible to ensure that the output of the customization elements is optimal, in accordance with the chosen technique. It should be noted that the qualitative output of a print, of an embroidery on fabric, will inevitably vary compared  to the effect of the same logo or design printed on paper.

The use of the OOPArt service for the realization of custom items implies the acceptance of the following accountability by the user in relation to items containing material:

OOPArt shall not be obliged to select the material sent by the customer for the realization of custom items.


Cancellation and modification of the order

You can cancel the order by sending an email to until confirmation.

OOPArt reserves the right, following unforeseen logistical and organizational difficulties, to cancel the order by notifying the Customer via e-mail or, by agreement with him or her, to change the deadline for delivery.


Returns and Complaints

We replace or refund any item that is defective, damaged or non-compliant with the order within 7 days of delivery.

It is not possible to make returns or refunds due to second thoughts about the purchase or type of customization requested, since the right to withdraw does not apply to customized items (Article 5 paragraph 3 letter c of Legislative Decree 185 of 22 05/99).

Complaints regarding defective products or dysfunctions of the shipping service can be made via e-mail to


Order processing times

We undertake to ship orders within 14 working days of confirmation of the order.

OOPArt is not responsible for any delivery delays due to problems with postal services and couriers.


Terms of payment

Payment can be made by credit card through Paypal in the check-out section of this website.

The validity of the payment for the services offered by OOPArt allows the realization of the order and the shipment of the package to the delivery address chosen by the Customer.

OOPArt reserves the right to accept the order after payment verification and it also reserves the right not to validate the payment in case of  not received documents within 48 hours.

OOPArt reserves the right to suspend or cancel an agreement with a Customer who has violated the provisions of the general conditions of sale. OOPArt also reserves the right to refuse a delivery or to accept an order from a Customer that is already in arrears for non-payment or for legal disputes already in progress.

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